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Black Crows Camox - Winter 2022/2023

$ 799.95
This unbeatable all-terrain toy is known for its forgiveness and playfulness.

Technical Details:

  • Intermediate floatation: 97mm at the waist
  • Double rocker: great handling, control, pivot
  • Slightly straight sidecut (20m radius): stability at high speed, balance between firmness and maneuverability
  • Classic medium camber: classic camber underfoot with intermediate ski/snow contact, balance between stability and maneuverability
  • Progressive flex: comfortable and forgiving
  • Mounting point: -6cm
  • Drilling: diameter 3.5mm x L 9mm
  • Construction: semi-cap step-down
  • ABS sidewalls all around
  • Core: poplar / fiberglass

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