Dalbello Trucker Hat Winter 2020

Dalbello Trucker Hat Winter 2020

Item # 325321

A super breathable summer trucker hat, Dalbello's Trucker Hat, has breathable mesh across the back so you can make it comfortably through dog days of summer, in a hat that celebrates the season that really matters: winter. Keep on truckin' this summer, even if all you want to do is lie down with a cold beverage, in this adjustable hat that's designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and the sweat off your head. The perfect hat for mowing the lawn and your other favorite summertime chores, you can make those lines and circles while dreaming of carving lines through the trees in the backcountry or laying down fresh tracks on perfectly groomed snow. Yes, we have to get through summer, and it's a long slog, but at least you'll have a summer hat to take the glare out of your eyes and keep the sun off your head in vented comfort. Just keep reminding yourself that this heat shall pass, autumn will come, and in six months' time we'll be back where we belong, in our base layers and ski boots, headed back up the mountain for another perfect day. Meanwhile, make do as best you can with the barbecue grill, the cold beverage of your choice, and perhaps even a few trips out on the water to float around on a inner tube. The Dalbello trucker hat.. a hat to keep summer at bay.
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