Tecnica Mach1 130 HV Ski Boots 2020/2021

Tecnica Mach1 130 HV Ski Boots 2020/2021

Item # 100877

Built for pure performance and a precise fit, Tecnica's Mach1 HV 130 is a great choice for aggressive skiers. The Asymmetrical Power Transmission drives power to the bindings, for even more precise maneuverability. This is paired with a Custom Adaptive Shape Shell, that uses a more moldable material in the areas with dot grids, common punch zones, to make customizing the shell easier. The C.A.S. liner further customizes the boots to the shape of your feet, whether you heat 'em, punch, grind or apply fit kit patches. Basically, they can be completely customized for a truly catered fit and feel. Enjoy the optimal performance with optimal fit with this Mach1 HV 130 boot from Tecnica.
  • $ 840.00