Size don't matter; it's about how you get down the hill

Rome Kid's Label

Item # 872550

The Rome Label Rocker is the one for young shredders looking to tuck into jumps, pop combos on boxes, and land mini bangers. The NoHang-Ups 3D rocker  profile provides rocker in the tip and tail, while the flat camber in the middle provides a large, stable platform for a mass amount of edge control and pop for loading up ollies and locking into rails. Tip-to-tail wood core provides a poppy feel and a continuous flex, and XTRD Base can withstand the beating progressive riders are doomed to face. This board will not only establish the foundation, but have junior killing the park and snaking the gapers in no time.

  • $ 259.99
  • $ 155.40
  • Save $ 104.59

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