SMS Sync Impact Padded Top Winter 2019


PRE-ORDER BY: 5/1/19
DELIVERED: 11/15/19
SMS Athletes and Coaches only.

With the dual density GEO ISO-ARMOR protection made exclusively for SYNC, you do not have to give up mobility to stay totally protected from the impact of cold hard plastic! The SYNC Impact Padded Top has full coverage, no breaks, from your wrist up to your shoulder, over your deltoids and down to your lats. There is no other padded top that is as comprehensive in the protection it provides. This allows you to take that extra run (or three) and never have to back off your line because you know you will not be walking home battered and bruised. Do your arms a favor and get the SYNC Impact Padded Top!

Fit: The same size as your race suit. 

  • $ 149.00