Swix LF8X 900g Winter 2019

Swix LF8X 900g Winter 2019


A continuation of the std. LF8, a great wax for both base prep and training.

It can also can be used as a race wax, preferably with Cera F powder on top.

Easy to melt and very convenient to work with.

When used as a base for Cera F, we recommend the FC08X powder.

Low fluorinated wax used as a counterpart to Swix HF8 wax.

For racing it is recommended to use Cera F FC8X as the final overlay wax in this temperature range.

Also used as a base wax for HF waxes or Swix Cera F waxes.

Swix Red Temperature Range: Red: Solid: Bulk Wax.

Air Temp Range: -4C to 4C (25F to 39F): Recommended iron temp: 130C (266F): 900 grams (32 oz.)
  • $ 340.00