Volkl Blaze 94 Flat Women's Skis Winter 2020/2021

Volkl Blaze 94 Flat Women's Skis Winter 2020/2021

Item # 297660

The Volkl Blaze 94 women's skis are a perfect choice for ladies who like light weight skis that have a high-end feel. This all-new build from Volkl replaces the 90Eight skis that were great fun in all conditions. Volkl has improved and expanded on those models in a few ways. From a shaping perspective, the 94 mm waist is more suitable for skiers looking for that one-ski quiver. They'll have better control on the groomers and won't lose too much in terms of flotation and soft-snow performance. Due to their lightness, they're very quick by nature but that's not all they are. The Titanal Power Plate is found underfoot and this gives the ski a ton of edge grip and control. You can carve a hard turn on these skis due to that plate and adding to that carving prowess is the 3D Radius Sidecut. This puts more power in the hands or feet of the skier and allows them to make a bunch of differently shaped and styled turns no matter what the speed or snow conditions may be. With a tighter radius underfoot and a longer radius towards the tips and tails, the skis are comfortable at any speed, with strong stability at faster speeds and still have that low gear for playfulness or less-aggressive skiing. Ladies looking for versatility, light weight, and high performance will love the 2021 Volkl Blaze 94 women's skis.
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