Volkl Yumi Flat 80 Winter Ski 2020/2021

Volkl Yumi Flat 80 Winter Ski 2020/2021

Item # 610307

3D Radius Sidecut

Glass Frame Full Sidewall

Base: P-Tex 2100

Multi Layer Woodcore

Sidecut:  121_80_103
Turn radius:

154 [R1(18), R2(13.1), R3(16)]*1

161 [R1(19), R2(14), R3(17)]*1

Multi Layer Woodcore, with Titanal bands.

The Volkl Yumi is back again but now with a narrower waist and 3D turn radius sidecut, but has been updated with Volkl’s new Titanal Band construction, new sidecut sees this ski even easier to turn with a shorter radius than the previous model.

Volkl wanted to retain the lightweight, easy-skiing feel that the Yumi has always had, but give it a touch more strength and stability with Titanal Band.

The Yumi has an 80 mm waist width, tip and tail rocker with camber under foot, and a subtle amount of early taper in the tips and tails.

The Yumi become a favourite among intermediate and less aggressive advanced and even expert skiers over the past few seasons.

Overall the Yumi 80 retains its strength as a great choice for intermediates or less aggressive skiers of any ability levels.

In fact, it’s so approachable we think athletic beginner skiers could even get on a pair right away and would be fine.

  • $ 650.00