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Rossignol BC 80 Positrack Backcountry XC Touring Skis w/ BC Auto Bindings- Winter 2021/2022

$ 435.00

The Rossignol BC 80 Positrack ski is perfect for the skier who needs off-trail capabilities for a variety of terrain, while not being too clumsy for groomed trails when the opportunity presents itself. The ski has a lightweight core to let you move swiftly through varied terrain, while generous sidecut and modest tip rocker encourage easy turning when you find the perfect slope. A waxless Positrack base provides confident grip and glide in all snow conditions with no prep. Aftermarket climbing skins are available for touring. Open up the world of backcountry touring and the search for turns with the Rossignol BC 80 Positrack.

The Rossignol NNN BC Auto backcountry ski binding delivers step-in ease and a wide platform for off-trail touring. The hands-free system offers quick-and-easy entry and a wide 56mm steering plate for the stability to break your own trail. The traditional screw-mount is compatible with all flat-mount skis. Only compatible with NNN BC nordic ski boots. Explore beyond the groomed with the user-friendly and easy to operate Rossignol NNN BC Auto backcountry ski binding.

Size Chart:

Ski Size (cm) Recommended Weight (lbs)
166 88-120
176 120-150
186 150-180
196 180+

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