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With another Super Bowl comes the end of another Ski and Snowboard Industry trade show (Snow Show). While we are obviously neutral in all of this foot ball stuff (GO PATS) we thought this was a nice time to give you a update on the cool new gear coming down the pike for 2015/16. So here we go.

Giro: with a new season comes a new way of thinking about adjustment. No longer will we have to buy a helmet and then micro adjust the inside of the helmet to match our head. Giro will introduce a helmet with a fully adjustable exterior frame. The smaller the head the smaller the helmet as a whole becomes. No more dealing with unsightly large helmets. SIGN ME UP.

Kastle: Who knew the company that brought you $1,500 skis could bring you a high-end ski at $849. The new FX series will bring the price of Kastle ownership into the mainstream with all the features and benefits of Kastle construction and design. SO PSYCHED.

Volkl: Next season brings a bit more awesomeness from Volkl. After the introduction of a new Mantra this season we will see a new Kendo and Kenja for next season. As if that was not enough the new WERKS construction will come into the all mountain series with a brand new RTM 86 Werks; IT LOOKS AWESOME

Tecnica: The Mach series of boots was the biggest thing in boots for 2014/15 and it gets even better next season. At each flex option, 130, 120, 105, 100, 95, 90, there will be two different width options to fit each foot as well as possible. SKIABILITY MEETS PERFORMANCE.

Ok, get back to watching the Super Bowl.

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