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Product Preview Time

It’s that time again. At least once a year a small group of buyers from around the country gather in a small tired conference room to review product for the coming season well ahead of the rest of the industry. The goal is to gather opinions and reactions early to help the brands forecasting, review graphics and price points and most importantly fine the best product for our consumers.


We are in our final hours of our three-day 23 brand presentations. Its fair to say that innovation is coming on strong in the ski side of the industry. Bindings were the focus ten years ago with the introduction of the wide platform and the consumer friendly walk feature. Boots came next with the focus of warmth and reduction of weight being added to advanced fitting features. Skis are now the fastest changing element in the business. With significant weight reductions, changing construction materials and evolving shape profiles the next three years will be an exciting time for ski consumers.

Stop in to check out what’s changed, and changing, for yourself.

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